Jiyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Jiyoung Kim, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Assistant Chair & Merchandising Degree Program Coordinator
(940) 565-3344

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Throughout my academic career, my research interest evolved around the concept of “connected consumers.” The majority of my work to date has investigated the business implications of consumer behavioral trends that respond to the various levels of connection one can maintain. Specifically, my endeavor for researching connected consumers focuses on three areas;

  • Digital: Internet technology that has enabled new forms of connection between buyers and sellers, as well as between buyers. 
  • People: Social networks which reflect human’s fundamental need to remain connected with others.
  • Global: Marketplaces that realizes the connection among buyers and sellers beyond national boundaries. 

In my research, these three areas are often integrated to draw a comprehensive picture of current consumer trends. In my “digital connection” research, the focus is on consumer behavioral response toward internet technology including mobile and social media. My interest in the “people connection” as it is established through social networks examined how it ultimately influences an individual’s purchase decision. This topic was extended to examine how these consumer networks respond to societal issues as a social entity and as a community support system. Further, the people connection in the digital environment led me to conduct a number of studies on the impact of social network and engagement in social media interaction. My third stream of research has focused more broadly on the “global connection” that prompts the need for global companies to understand cross- cultural similarities and differences in the global marketplace. I completed studies in different cultures in collaboration with international scholars and conducted several studies that examined cross-cultural differences in how consumers respond to online stimuli, thus linking “global connection” to “digital connection.”My current work in progress is centered on the theme of connected consumers, providing implications to companies which seek to develop a relationship with the consumers through digital, social and global connections.

Selected Research Publications

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