HaeJung Maria Kim, Ph.D.

HaeJung Maria Kim, Ph.D.


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A Multidisciplinary Scholar in Digital Retailing

My thinking and collaboration at the intersection of industry, academia and society are defining myself as a multidisciplinary scholar who explores new cultural genres, applies new technology to, and converges diverse knowledge to scholarly projects. My project has been evolving to a multidisciplinary field of ‘Digital Retailing’ which advocates consumer’s social empowerments and leverages the power of digital networks to influence global businesses. 

In 2015, I developed novel courses of ‘CMHT 6500 Big Data Implementation in Social Network Analysis’, and ‘CMHT 6600 Network Analysis and Visualization (NAV): Big Data Approach to Digital Retailing’ for the Interdisciplinary Information Science (IIS) Ph.D. Program with the College of Information at UNT.

I am engaged in more than seven affiliated organizations and serve as an associate editor of Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, and Fashion & Textiles. My scholarship and service efforts were recognized more than 16 awards from ITAA, EIRASS, KSCT, and Emerald Literati Network.

Selected Research Publications

Kim, H.J., Kim, JY, Oh, K. & Jung, H. J. (2016). Adoption of Eco-Friendly Faux Leather: Examining consumer attitude with the Value–Belief–Norm Framework. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 34 (4), 239-256. ISI impact factor 0.850, SSCI.  

Jung, H.J., Kim, H.J., & Oh, K. (2016). Green leather for ethical consumers in China and Korea: Facilitating ethical consumption with Value-Belief-Attitude logic. Journal of Business Ethics, 135 (3), 483–502. ISI impact factor 2.354, SSCI.

Yi, K.H., Jeon, S., Kim, H.J., & Forney, J. (2016). Impacts of Information Source and E-service Quality on Mobile Shopping Behavior in KakaoTalk. Journal of Fashion Business, 20 (6), 32-51.

Lee, S. Kim, H.J., & Yang, K (2015). Impacts of sustainable value and business stewardship on lifestyle practice on clothing consumption. Fashion and Textiles, 2 (1), 1-18, 2016 *Youngone Fashion and Textiles Best Paper Award (Humanities/social sciences areas).

Ran, H., Lee, S., Kim, H.J., & Evans, L. (2015). The impact of brand experiences on brand resonance in multi-channel fashion retailing. Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 9 (2), 129 – 147. *Highly Commended Paper in the 2015 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence

Kim, H.J., Lee, H., & Yang, K. (2015). The heuristic-systemic model of sustainability stewardship: Facilitating sustainability value, beliefs, and practices with corporate social responsibility drives and eco-labels/indices, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39, 249-260. ISI impact factor 1.51, SSCI.

Kim, H.J., Kim, J. Y., & Huang, R. (2014). Social capital in virtual community: Impacts on the social shopping model for QQ China, Global Economic Review, 43 (4), 3-24. ISI impact factor 0.412, SSCI.

Huang, R., Kim, H.J., & Kim, J. Y. (2013). Social Capital in QQ China: Impacts on Virtual Engagement of Information Seeking, Interaction Sharing, Knowledge Creating and Purchasing Intention, Journal of Marketing Management. 29 (3-4), 292-316.