HaeJung Maria Kim, Ph.D.

HaeJung Maria Kim, Ph.D.


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Selected Research Publications

Yang, K., Li, X., Kim, H.J., & Kim, Y. (2015). Social shopping website quality attributes increasing consumer participation, positive eWOM, and co-shopping: The reciprocating role of participation. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 24(3), 1-9.

Kim, H., Lee, H., & Yang, K. (2015). The heuristic-systemic model of sustainability stewardship: Facilitating sustainability value, beliefs, and practices with Corporate Social Responsibility Drives and Eco-Labels/Indices, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 39, 249-260.

Ran, H., Lee, S., Kim, H.J., & Evans, L. (2015). The Impact of Brand Experiences on Brand Resonance in Multi-channel Fashion Retailing. Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, 9 (2), 129 – 147.

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Jung, H.J., Lee, Y., Kim, H.J., & Yang, H. (2014). Impacts of Country Images on Luxury Fashion Brand: Facilitating with the Brand Resonance Model. Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management, 18(2), 187-205.

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Huang, R., Kim, H.J., & Kim, J. Y. (2013). Social Capital in QQ China: Impacts on Virtual Engagement of Information Seeking, Interaction Sharing, Knowledge Creating and Purchasing Intention, Journal of Marketing Management. 29 (3-4), 292-316

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Park, H., Xiang, Z., Josiam, B., & Kim, H.J. (2013). Personal identity information as cues of credibility in online travel reviews. Anatolia: Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2013, 230-241.