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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Merchandising Inc.

Merchandising Inc. is a university organization open to any student interested in fashion, home furnishings, or digital retailing. The organization establishes a network of industry professionals for students and enhances their professional development. From fashion shows to football games, this organization engages students across the comprehensive university experience. 

Each year, Merchandising Inc. offers the Jaime Regen New York Study Tour Award. Jaime Regen was a merchandising student who graduated in 2000. After a lengthy and courageous battle with melanoma, Jaime passed away in March 2007. Jaime loved New York, loved the study tour, and loved fashion merchandising. The award provides a student (or students) with the opportunity to experience New York City, the U.S. fashion capital and honor Jaime.

Contact: Michelle Burton.


NRF Student Association (NRFSA)

The NRF Student Association (NRFSA) provides talented students interested in digital, retailing and related careers unique educational and scholarship programs, networking opportunities and access to the latest industry news and research.

NRFSA Student Association Member Benefits:

  • Scholarships: Members are eligible for NRF Foundation scholarships, including the Next Generation Scholarship, the Ray Greenly Scholarship, Rising Star Scholarship and the Student Challenge case study competition.
  • Networking Opportunities: Members are eligible to sign up to the NRF Student Association LinkedIn group and can attend events with NRF retail members and recruiters.
  • Recognition: Members can note on resumes affiliation with the world’s largest retail trade association to give a leg up with retail recruiters.
  • Education: Opportunities to attend education programs at NRF’s BIG Show, including the NRFSA Annual Meeting and a networking session with talent recruiters from major retail companies
  • Discounts: A special discounted price for NRF’s BIG Show registration
  • Industry News: Members get access to news, research and resources designed for people working in the industry.

Contact:  Linda Mihalick.



CMHT Ambassadors

The CMHT Ambassador organization provides students opportunities for professional development, recognition, and peer support through activities supporting the university and broader community. Students are actively involved in recruitment and outreach activities including campus tours, presentations to area high schools, and coordination of professional leadership events. The mission of the organization is to promote school spirit and teamwork while preparing students for leadership positions in the merchandising and hospitality management industries.

Contact: Shirley Agustin.