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Senior Internship Requirements

The Merchandising and Digital Retailing department requires students to complete an internship in their field of study as a capstone course before they graduate. An internship provides students with supervised, hands-on industry experience and career awareness. This setting provides fascinating and valuable opportunities for experiential learning and serves as a bridge between education and business. Through the internship, the student experiences the transfer of knowledge gained in the classroom to tasks such as problem solving, critical thinking, and working as a team member.

The annual Career Expos attract companies to campus to recruit students for internships and full-time career opportunities. You may also follow the link to Eagle Network and Merchandising and Digital Retailing Job Posting for more job opportunities. 

CMHT 2790: Pre-internship Seminar
Prerequisite(s): DRTL 2090 or HFMD 2400 or MDSE 2490 or RETL 2550 (any may be taken concurrently); major in merchandising.

CMHT 4790: Internship
Class Requirement

  • Supervised work experience in business, agencies or institutions as related to major field, requiring a minimum of 300 hours of work experience. Course requirements include assignments, experiential activities and scheduled lecture times on campus. 
  • A student may not enroll in more than three additional classes during either long term/semester  (fall/spring). During the combined summer sessions, students may not be enrolled in more than one additional class during any term in which they are enrolled in CMHT 4790. 
  • A student should be; Major in Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism with advanced standing in major, MDSE 3510MDSE 3790, plus 24 additional hours in major with a grade of C or better, minimum overall GPA of 2.0, and consent of instructor.
  • Students must attend the mandatory pre-internship orientation held the semester prior to their anticipated internship. The purpose of this meeting is to learn of job opportunities, required meeting dates, and specific internship guidelines. To secure the advising code, students must submit a completed application, resume, and unofficial transcript to the Internship Coordinator. 



  • The student is encouraged to secure employment with a company that provides new and different experiences. If a student requests to complete an internship with their present employer, there must be strong justification and support. If the student works in an hourly employee capacity, they should be able to transfer to at least 2 or 3 different positions and shadow a manager in each position.
  • CMHT policy stipulates that no student can complete an internship with a company in which persons related to them serve as their direct supervisor, nor shall any student obtain employment with a family- owned or operated business.
  • Students must maintain employment throughout an entire semester with the same employer (15 weeks during the long term/ 10 weeks during summer). Each semester credit hour requires a minimum 50 hours on the job. This equates to 300 hours (20 hours per week during the fall or spring semester/ 30 hours per week during the summer).
  • Students may complete an "off-campus" internship with an approved company. An "off-campus" site refers to those that are further than 90 miles from the UNT campus. Students who are approved for an "off-campus" internship must complete additional assignments in lieu of class attendance.