Graduate Degree Program | Merchandising & Digital Retailing

Graduate Degree Program

Graduate Degree Program

Merchandising Graduate Thesis Option

Students may elect to conduct original research during the course of their graduate study. With the thesis option, the student will develop an idea that is suitable for a comprehensive research project. A major professor will be selected to mentor and guide the thesis project. 

A minimum of 36 semester hours with a minimum of 30 semester hours (including 6 hours of thesis) in CMHT is required. 


Merchandising Graduate Non-Thesis Option

Studentsmay elect to earn research experience through PILOT option by taking a 3 hour PILOT course for a single semester. With PILOT, students have 4 options- research paper, conceptual paper, consultancy report, and case study

A minimum of 36 semester hours with a minimum of 30 semester hours (including 3 hours of thesis) in CMHT is required. 


MS Merchandising 100% Online

Students can earn MS in Merchandising through 100% online courses.


Digital Retail Merchandising/Merchandising certificate

The College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism offers three 12-hour graduate certificates which will provide access to the knowledge, experiences, research skills, and critical analysis offered at the graduate level. In addition, the certificates will provide the recipients with credible documentation of the body of knowledge that they have gained at the University of North Texas.

Who is suited for a graduate certificate?
Students who may not be able to or interested in completing a 36-hour degree program.
Working professionals with time and place constraints who need some re-tooling and updating in their fields.
Company-supported employees who seek advanced education to meet professional development requirements for periodic reviews and/or promotion.
Geographically-isolated individuals who do not have access to advanced education in merchandising and hospitality management.

Will a graduate certificate count toward a graduate degree?
Certificate students who choose to continue in a degree program are required to meet all the requirements, including GPA, GRE or GMAT, and prerequisites, of students seeking a degree in the college. Satisfactory work (minimum of a B grade) on graduate courses for the certificate may be applied to a 36-hour Master of Science degree program upon advisement of the graduate adviser, department chair, and the student’s major professor, who will be selected when proceeding for a degree.

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