Digital Retailing

Digital Retailing

Digital Retailing program at UNT is unique among U.S. universities. The program prepares students to understand the unique characteristics of the digital and brick-and-mortar formats and how to leverage omni-channel experiences. 

Graduates of the program pursue careers such as:

  • E-commerce manager
  • E-commerce merchandiser
  • Web analytics specialist
  • Forecasting and planning specialist
  • Usability and A/B testing specialist
  • Search engine optimization/search engine marketing manager
  • Project manager
  • Social media manager

Digital Retailing students take courses in design architecture, social media, digital retailing analytics, consumer behavior, buying, sourcing, and logistics.

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A study of basic website design for retailing.

Survey of electronic merchandising and its application to consumer products and services for business to business and business to consumer. Introduction to electronic merchandising theory, terminology, resources, industry participants and career opportunities.

Students examine emerging digital technologies and their impact on the consumer experience. Emphasis is on exploration of new technologies (e.g., blogs, customer relationship management) and critical evaluation of their influence on merchandising and hospitality management strategies.

Survey of omni-channel retail strategies and their impact on consumer experience in digital markets. Emphasis is on understanding of digital technologies (e.g., customer relationship management, SEO, social media metrics) and critically evaluating their influence, particularly on digital merchandising strategies.

A study of key concepts, diagnostic approaches, techniques and practices of web analytics used to create measurable value for the digital retailing channel.

Study and application of visual merchandising in a virtual format. Emphasis on merchandising processes that convey product characteristics to the consumer from production through distribution. Development of web site using computer software.


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