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Annual Event

Annual Event

Career Expo

The Annual Merchandising Expo is held each Spring semester on campus. This career fair showcases companies relevant to the MDR majors. Students visit with recruiters and learn about companies, expectations for interns and new hires, and long term career possibilities. Attendance at this event is required of all MDR majors.
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Fashion Group International Career Day

Students from several states attend this regional event comprised of presentations and seminars related to the fashion and design industries. Students also have the opportunity to enter several industry-related contests. The event is held each year at the World Trade Center in Dallas. Watch for announcements or check with your professors for details and registration for this event.

Consumer Experience Symposium

 Every spring, a panel of industry experts come together to present, discuss, and debate a specific topic related to consumer experiences in digital environments.  Learn more 

Executive Scholar Lecture Series

At the Executive Scholar + Lecture Series, an industry leader and research scholar(s) are brought together to discuss a topic which they share a common passion or interest for. Learn more