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Dr. June Lavelle Kelsay

When Dr. June Lavelle Kelsay finished high school in Marlow, Oklahoma she had no plans to go to college. But her older sister Laura sent a car to pick her up one day and that car took her to Denton, Texas where she was dropped off. She had to learn how to get enrolled in some field of study. She decided on the field of food and nutrition, and completed both a bachelor’s and master’s degree at UNT. She went on to earn a doctorate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Biology & Biomedical Sciences. Her research was first published in 1969 on the topic of nutrient utilization, the body’s response to carbohydrates, and metabolism in young women. Later publications focused on multiple aspects of the food and nutrition course of study. Most of her work experience was with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D. C. Dr. Kelsay also traveled extensively to third world countries teaching others how to grow nutritional crops and how to prepare them.

Maribeth Koch
B.S. in Home Economics, 1968

After spending 21 years teaching in the Denton ISD, and 5 years as a substitute teacher. Maribeth Koch retired in 2013. She and her husband, Harry, have 3 children:

Montie, Amy and their 4 children live in Denton.
Heather, Brian and his son also live in Denton. He has two daughters who live with their mother In Ponder.
Heidi, Wade and their 3 children live in Georgia.
Heather and Heidi are both graduates of UNT.

Margaret Steenson Filingeri
B.S. in Home Economics, 1969

Margaret retired from 37+ years at JCPenney 8 years ago. She keeps busy with book review clubs, JCP retiree club, lunches with friends, travel, exercising, Chi Omega Alumnae, DAR.

Beverly “Bowden” Hendrix
B.S. Merchandising, 1978

In 1984, Bev was given the support by her family which came in the form of a heart felt letter from her mother, Betty, giving Bev her blessing to search for and to fulfill the always-present question in her life to seek her birth parents. She began the journey to attempt to find answers to many of the questions that come with being adopted. Even in the best possible scenario of adoption, which was hers, there are always the nagging questions of who am I, where did I come from, and why did you not want me.

Bev is recently retired after twenty-eight years in the legal field in Dallas, Texas where she was fortunate enough to live with her stepson Wes Hendrix, an amazing young man she is so proud of and her and Mike's beautiful daughter, Mckinley Hendrix. Bev currenlty lives with her husband Mike at their beautiful new log home on their ranch they call "Two Bucks" in Rochelle, Texas.