Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Merchandising and Digital Retailing Faculty

Professor & Dean
Associate Professor & Associate Dean
Professor & Chair
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor
Associate Professor & HFM Degree Program Coordinator
Associate Professor, Assistant Chair & Merchandising Degree Program Coordinator
Continuing Adjunct Faculty
Graduate Coordinator & Associate Professor
Associate Professor & Digital Retailing Degree Program Coordinator
Senior Lecturer


CMHT Director of Advising (Advises CEXM A-Z, HFMD A-Z)
Academic Counselor (Advises DRTL S-Z, HMGT M-Z)
Academic Counselor (Advises DRTL M-R, MDSE M-Z and RETL M-Z)
Academic Advisor (Advises MDSE A-L, RETL A-L)
Academic Advisor ( Advises DRTL A-L, HMGT A-L )
Administrative Specialist III


Administrative Coordinator to the Chair

Retired Faculty

Senior Lecturer & Career Development Coordinator